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Rain Comic Cover by heihei188 Rain Comic Cover :iconheihei188:heihei188 166 17
~high school ch.4~
~high school chapter 4~
*Sonic's p.o.v*
As I sped of towards the bowling alley I looked down and saw ames enjoying the wind, it looked like she hadn't experienced this feeling in quite a while, I stopped at the sign and let her down, she hugged me and I took her hand, led her in and got a lane, while we were playing we had laughs lots it was just amazing,I think I want to be with her for a while now. On the final round ames came towards me "winner has to pay for the lane" with a smirk and a rub on the nose, I said with a fluent voice "you're on Rose" she laughed and picked up a bowl, she stood there and with a swift movement the ball went rolling down and she got a strike, she had another three if she got three strikes then I would be in trouble, she picked up another ball and flang in down the lane and again another strike this girl must be a pro or something she must be cheating, she picked uo her last ball and with a fast movement which looked like a secret special move she threw th
:iconadeliestarr99:AdelieStarr99 11 5
Underestimate page 24 by Mephonix Underestimate page 24 :iconmephonix:Mephonix 41 17
...:Roses:... Chapter 7
...:Roses:... Chapter 7: Rose's Secret...
Next day, back in the beach house Tails said to Sonic that if he'd act different to "Amy", she could get upset and we know for sure the its the same for Amy. So sonic waited for Amy to wake up when she fell asleep when the others went looking for the Choas Emeralds. Now they got 4 Chaos Emeralds and 3 more to get!
Ree: While "Amy" is still sleeping we can find the next Chaos Emerald!
Sonic: All right, the faster it is the better!
Tails: Right!
Sonia: So wheres the next Chaos Emerald Ree?!
Ree: Hang on a min...Hmmmm...
Knuckles: Whats wrong?!
Ree: Noting...It's just that its still searching but a bit more far then we was yesterday.
Shadow: Great!
Blaze: Shut up before i burn your head off?!
Mari-an: Quit it guys!
Ree: Great! its better this way!
Silver: What way?!
Ree: I found 2 in one go!
Manic: Amazing!
Tikal: Great!
Tails: I never knew the detector can do that?!
Ree: You made it like that how come you dont know?
Tails: Huh?!
Sonic: All Right
:iconprincezzree:PrincezzRee 10 0
Lost Hero~2 by AgentSkull Lost Hero~2 :iconagentskull:AgentSkull 256 42
Sonamy. Love, war, life 19
On a late morning, a green hedgehog awoke from a pleasant sleep. He quickly rose from the bed and walked over to the curtains. He violently ripped them open and turned to the girl who groaned from the burning sunlight hitting her eyes.
The girl rose slowly and rubbed one eye. "Uh... Mr Thomas?" She questioned him for his harsh wake up call. "What are you doing? Come back to bed."
Scourge only smirked and collected her clothes in a bundle. "I have a better idea. I come back to bed and you leave my apartment. Good deal, yes?" He flashed her a wicked smile. She stared at him with stern look. "What?" Scourge laughed. "You can't stay here forever can you?"
"That was a bit uncalled for." She grumbled. Her expression changed and grabbed the young hedgehog's hand. "You have a very strange humour Mr Thomas."
He rolled his eyes and withdrew his hand. "Humour? I'm being serious. Leave now before you start to really get on my nerves." He sat back on the bed, looking at the window. "Clos
:iconharmonicmelodies824:Harmonicmelodies824 7 13
Just checkin the time Sonamy 3
They Landed in a cemetry. They saw all there friends around a grave.
Sonic: is this Amy's funeral?
shadow: .....yes.........and yours.
Sonic: what?!!! how did I die?
Shadow: suicide. You couldn't face not having Amy with you so you stabbed yourself through the heart.
Sonic: man...I'm messed up.
He saw Tails, Knuckles, Silver and lots more. Even his mother showed up.
Sonic: mum?
Shadow: yeah she came to see you she was heartbrocken. So were your sister and brother.
Sonic: they came too.
Tails: Sonic!
Sonic: Tails must really miss me heh.
Tails: Sonic your in so much trouble!
Sonic: huh?! *turns around* Tails?!
Tails: I thought I told you to leave my time gun alone.
Sonic: you did but you know how curious I am. I am so sorry Tails. I wish I never touched it. *hugs Tails*
Tails: huh? you never apologise when you take my inventions. Why the sudden change?
Sonic: I will tell you when we get back. Just please get me out of here please!
Tails: okay calm down. Give me the time gun.
Sonic gives
:iconsunshine2midnight:sunshine2midnight 23 29
Just checkin the time Sonamy 2
They found themselves in a different location. They were in a mansion. It had pictures of a grown up Amy, a green hedgehog. and two kids. One green and one pink. They looked like someone Sonic knew. By blood.
Sonic: you have got to be kidding me!
Shadow: umm...who is that? that's not Scourge.
Sonic: no. That's my real brother Manic.
Shadow: wow, he changed alot.
Sonic: I can't believe she is having it off with my brother!
Shadow: remember Sonic, you pressed the reverse button.
Sonic: you mean. I didn't exsist! how the world still going?
Manic: I'm home gorgeous. How is my beautiful, singing, model.
Amy: I'm glad you back handsome. *kisses Manic* I just finished my new Song.
Manic: what's that called?
Amy: My hero.
Manic: what hero? I don't see no hero.
Amy: that's because there isn't a mirror. My georgeous hero. Saving the world from Eggman.
Sonic: he took my girl and my job?!
Shadow: your girl?
Sonic: know what I mean.
Amy: listen...the kids are with Rouge and
:iconsunshine2midnight:sunshine2midnight 19 2
Just checkin the time. Sonamy
Sonic was at Tails's workshop. He was meant to be helping Tails work on his machine, instead he had a nap on the sofa.
Tails: yes! it's finished.
Sonic: hmm?
Tails: my miniture time machine. My latest invention.I call it the time gun. I need to test it out first.
Sonic: and how do you know if it works?
Tails: I will test it with...the lamp.
Sonic: a lamp? I think the future has alot of them Tails.
Tails: it goes to the past too. They probably didn't have lamps.
Sonic: okay, lets test it out.
Tails was about to use his time machine when he heard the door knock.
Tails: who could that be? I will be right back Sonic. Don't touch anything.
Sonic: me? I would never do such a thing.
He was obviously lieing. When Tails left Sonic with one of his inventions. He would mess around with them and get himself into trouble. Leaving Tails to help him.
Sonic: It can't be that hard to use a time machine. It looks like a gun. I can handle guns.
He aimed towards the lamp and pulled the trigger. Nothing ha
:iconsunshine2midnight:sunshine2midnight 24 11
SonAmy: Beyond Love Ch. 3
Amy: I sat down in the soft withering grass and sighed. 'Why does Sonic always have to go when I want to tell him my feelings...' I sadly thought to myself. I hung my head and twirled a blade of grass with my finger. I watched two ladybugs crawl beside each other on the blade of grass. They looked so lovely and peaceful together. "At least you two don't leave each others' side," I softly said to them. A shadow covered me and I heard a very soft and high voice. "Hi Amy!" it said. I looked up and saw Cream. "Hey, Cream..." I said, looking up at her with sad eyes. She cocked her head slightly and had a sad expression.
Cream: She looked sad, but I wonder what's wrong? "What's wrong?" I asked. She drooped her shoulders and her ears flattened against her head. Her red dress looked wet from the cold, wet grass she was sitting on. "Oh's just a problem with Sonic," she replied sadly. "What happened?" She sighed and looked up at me. "Well everytime I want to tell him how I feel abou
:icondarkchaotix:DarkChaotix 18 32
Sonamy: Part 1 - Chapter 22
Part 3: The Second Day
       He found himself running down the empty streets of Station Square, as fast as his legs could carry him.  There were no cars on the road, no people in the streets; the city looked as if it were entirely abandoned.  It was nighttime, and the sky was blanketed by a thick layer of dark gray clouds.  Rain came down rapidly and the streets were almost completely covered with water, but none of that mattered at this point.  For Sonic, all that mattered was getting to the top of Station Tower as fast as he could.
       As he ran, he felt the wind blowing past him.  Not only was it hard for him to see in the darkened city, but the rain fell hard in his face, stinging his eyes and causing his vision to become obscured.  His feet were almost completely covered from the puddles in the road, as he turned left onto Main Street and headed directly towards the talle
:iconphantomshadow051:PhantomShadow051 41 96
Could It Be? Chapter 15
Could It Be?
Chapter 15
Metal let go of Amy as she feel to the ground. Sonic went to his knees with his hands against the ground. He had his eyes shut trying to hold in tears. Anger started to build within him. He clenched his fists, lifted his right hand and slammed it against the ground. Sonic bit his teeth together as he started to make growling noises. His anger turned into rage as his body started to turn pitch black. He raised his head as he opened his eyes as they were plan white. Sonic stood up staring at Metal. Metal was shocked of the scene.
“What kind of joke is this!?”
Sonic started to walk toward Metal as flames formed within the palms of his hands. Metal backed up a little started to get freaked.
“Metal,” Sonic said with an evil voice, “You’re going to pay for this, you can bet on it, bet on every piece of your metal body will be crushed and burned!” Sonic yelled then threw the flames at Metal as it took off his arms. Sonic threw even mo
:iconsonamy4life:sonamy4life 20 39
deep secrets of the princess 1
Everyone was at Amy's house because today was Amy's 16th birthday. Everyone looked quite happy today even shadow but then again shadow treated amy like a younger sister. Everyone was talking and laughing but amy was in her kitchen thinking because she had a deep, deep secret she kept from everyone even sonic and today eveyone was sure to find out who she was because today she will get her new powers since she was, the 1st princess of chaos.
Amy came from a far place called Mercia where she and her 4 sisters were brought up, she also has a older brother named Blade. Blade made sure his sisters were protected no matter what and amy was the hardest to look after. amy was different from her sisters, she loved to have adventures and explore thats why she always wandered off when she needed so be somewhere important. Amy was also a singer and dancer in Mercia she also had a band with her sisters and she was the lead singer which made them more popular then they already were. Hard to believe
:iconsunshine2midnight:sunshine2midnight 16 1
Could It Be? Chapter One
Could It Be?
Chapter 1
What could be more perfect then a picnic on a beautiful summer day? Birds chirping in the bright green trees, butterflies flapping their bright orange and black wings while drinking nectar from flowers in the meadow. Sitting on her red and white checkered blanket, Amy Rose was watching the butterflies fly.
“It looks great to be free like that,” she said with a sigh. She sat beside her brown woven basket.
“If only Sonic was here, I’d really enjoy myself,” Amy said kind of sad. Then, she saw something in the meadow, something running in a blue light. Amy stood up in joy running toward the light.
“It’s Sonic! He is here!” She kept going to it. It seemed like it was getting bigger. She stopped standing in the meadow. The light stopped in front of her. It was Sonic. He stood there staring at her. Amy did the same.
“Hey,” Sonic said shaky.
“Hi,” Amy said back also shaky. She was still trying to get her breath
:iconsonamy4life:sonamy4life 31 13


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